20 August, 2013

Working Bee and Presentaton Ceremony: Rifle Club Mural and Nearby Gardens

Sunday, 25 August, promises to be an eventful day, for not only will we have another working bee, but the Rifle Club mural and our tree plantings will be officially celebrated!  Darebin Mayor Tim Laurence will officiate.
The working bee will take place in the Indigenous Garden and on the western side of the track, including the terrace. People working in the Indigenous Garden where we will do weeding, top-up mulching and infill planting will need hand trowels, spade, wheelbarrow, broom/rake.

Those working on the western gardens will be engaged in weeding, pruning (hedge) and rubbish collection and will need to be supplied with shears, trowels, tarps/bags (for weeds and rubbish). 

As we need to shift quite some mulch, the more wheelbarrows and spades you can bring the better. And don’t forget to wear sturdy shoes and gloves, the latter especially when you collect rubbish. Should you find any sharps, let me know and I’ll pick them up with tongs and put them in a special container. 

Start as usual is at 10.00 am, but we will break at 11.45 to go towards the Rifle Club where the ceremony will be held on the lawn or, if it rains, inside. Refreshments will then be served in the rifle club.